Hi - my name is Greg Nahabedian. My full name is Gregory but I like to be called Greg. I use they / them pronouns and live in Milford, NH.

I’m a composer. I’ve written works for orchestra, chamber groups, choirs, and soloists of all shapes and sizes. I love storytelling and in 2014 premiered If the Lord Should So Incline My Heart, an hour long spoken word piece with accompaniment about the life of John Newton. In 2018 I premiered my first opera, War Is a Racket, about the life of Smedley Butler.

I’m currently working on a new opera with Elena Stabile called Changed Facts. Other big projects right now include an oratorio called Meet Me in Sister Genevieve’s Olive Grove and a longer chamber work called The Church of the Seventh Day Silver Dagger.

I’ve been commissioned by and / or worked with: A Very Small Consortium, Hypercube, Kevin Madison, June Aino, Neil Parsons, Joshua Scheid, The Boston Conservatory Composer’s Orchestra, Mazumal, Drag Yourself Together, Boy Nirvana, Histamine Tapes, Waywords and Meansigns, Split The Lark, June Violet Aino, Michael Johnson, Kelvyn Konig, Alissa Voth, Alec Norkey, Joshua Scheid, and #45miniatures.

In 2018 I was named as finalist for the ASCAP Morton Gould Award and in 2019 I was a semi-finalist for American Opera Projects ‘Composers and the Voice.’

I did my undergraduate degree at Hampshire College and got my masters degree from Boston Conservatory in 2018.

I teach piano, drums, and composition - at my home and at the Nashua Community Music School.

I run the Boston New Music Calendar with my buddy Felicia Chen.

I have a double life as a rock and roller:

From 2006-2010 or so I played drums in a skapunk band called Silent Distortion. The next year I played in a punk band called Notes From The Underground. I also briefly played drums in a very produced band called Frantic Idyll that only played one show and made a demo but I met some famous people and that was pretty cool.

From 2012-2018 I played keyboard, accordion, guitar, and sang in a wacky screamy band called Dérive. We put out two albums, a couple split records, and a bunch of EPs. We only played all ages shows, put out an arts zine, and ran a scholarship for college students. I think Dérive is on a hiatus right now. We haven’t really decided.

Since summer 2018 I’ve been playing keyboard in a wacky dancey band called Cheap City. I also conduct for a group called MCtheprofessor.gov which provides live music for radical history lectures. I sing in a band called Niffin with some other composers and new music folks.

I’m married to the artist Boy Nirvana, who I run the record label Dollhouse Lightning with. I also love ducks, reading, collecting records, and cooking a concoction I call grumbo.

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