Long Time No See

End radio silence for now. I haven't posted in 5 months - mostly because of the stress of booking a national tour for an underground punk band immediately followed by the trauma of watching your van permanently melt down outside of Seattle = hello months of debt as we pay off a new touring vehicle.

In the meantime - my opera War is a Racket has started prelim rehearsals for our performance in late April. 

Earlier this month the pianist Jeremiah Cossa did me the honor of performing my latest solo "Darlings of the Word."

And more finally I recently paired up with the soprano Felicia Chen to start the Boston New Music Calendar  which is a compiled resource of events and concerts in the Greater Boston area. 

That's it for now - more thoughts on gender politics in music coming on Sunday I imagine. Now I'm off to see Transient Canvas at Boston Sculptor's Gallery.