from a route 3 coffee shop

I am very happy to announce that my miniature for soprano and cello, "I Can See You and I Know What You're Doing," will be performed by Courtney Sherman and Michael Dewhirst on a faculty recital on March 28th at The University of Wisconsin - Green Bay. These two premiered the piece a little more than a year ago as part of A Very Small Consortium and I'm very happy that they'll be playing the piece again.

In ongoing project news:

1.) Dérive is hard at work on a new album. 9-10 songs it's looking like. We are making some demos next month and the studio time is booked for May. We have a couple shows booked before heading out on a full US / Canadian tour this July. 

2.) I will be collaborating on a new piece with forty/sixty for their 2017-2018 season. My friend and collaborator Joshua Scheid will be singing with them as well. We're looking at a series of 12 politically themed miniatures so stay tuned. 

3.) Meanwhile I am currently finishing up a trio for harp, flute, and vibraphone called "Sick as the Sound of a Skyscraper Coming Down," as well as going through the preliminary work on my first chamber opera, "War Is A Racket."