Frantic Idyll - Demo


So when I was in middle school one of the first people I met was this girl called Ayla and we stayed pretty close for a long time. I'd actually like to think we're still friends although I haven't really talked to her in five or six years. But the point is that we were friends for like six or seven years before I met her dad. Actually I met her dad when I was in sixth grade but my mouth was full of candy so I ran away. But I met him for real when I was 16 and we got to talking and it turns out that he used to work for these huge bands like Aerosmith and Poison and his house is full of guitars and gold records that have been gifted to him by the likes of Eric Clapton and Joe Perry and the list goes on and on. He hears me play drums and he tells me that he's trying to produce this new band. He offered to give me some money for coming out to practice with them and to do some recordings. So I started to practice with this singer songwriter who really wanted to be in either Bon Jovi or HIM and Ayla's dad was trying to produce us into the next radio rock hit. It was a really strange experience that shaped a lot of the ways I think now about how I want to go about making music. I don't want to speak ill of anyone involved because I've come to realize that they were all just trying to make something that I was less interested in. But it gave me a look at how some of the more commercial side of rock music works and it left something of a sour taste in my mouth but I did get paid to rehearse, record, and play literally only one show. Also I met KISS, Stuart Dinky Dawson, and Doc McGhee. Someday I'll write something longer about it but it did happen for a few months and we made a demo (I can't believe this is still on the internet)