Hunger Detail (2018)

In 2013 (I think) I took Kate Soper's electronic music class at Smith College. She taught us how to use the program Reaper and had us experiment with creating our own tape pieces. Since then I've always wanted to do more with the genre but got caught up in so many other projects that I didn't have time. Every once in a while I would play around with Reaper or another DAW just to see what kinds of things I could come up. Fast forward to the winter of 2017. I had just finished my first opera and had no real projects on the horizon so I started collecting samples of different songs and sounds I liked and started assembling them all together. I finished a version of the first track in January and then didn't touch the project again until I finished grad school. The second track was mostly assembled in the first few weeks after I moved to Nashua and the third track was entirely done in a hotel room in Salem, MA after my brother's wedding when I couldn't sleep.