If The Lord Should So Incline My Heart (2014)

This was my first major composition. It started with me creating an almost obsessive habit of playing through psalm books and hymnals that I was collecting, which led me to start thinking about the history of psalms. This led me to reading about John Newton who wrote Amazing Grace. I came to learn that Amazing Grace is frankly the least interesting part about his life and I set out to write a large scale work about it. A lot of references to Sufism bled into it and it ultimately represented something less than a musical biography and something more like my own religious beliefs blending with a historical survey. This was primarily inspired by Rehearsing My Choir. 

Performed at Hampshire College on November 19th, 2014. 
Recorded by Larry Berger
Mixed and mastered by Greg Nahabedian,Larry Berger,and Paul Schmelz. 

Jacob Drucker - Woodwinds, Percussion, Voice
Tatiana Hargreaves - Violin, Banjo, Voice
Lucy Hollier - Viola, Trombone, Voice
Charlie Driker-Ohen - Cello, Voice
Adam Har-zvi - Bass, Percussion, Voice
Jake Lichter - Marimba, Synthesizer, Percussion, Voice
Greg Nahabedian - Piano, Keyboard, Voice
Martin Hutchinson - Voice