Dérive - Instantly Black the Goodness (2017)

We wrote this over the course of I guess about a year. It started really in 2015 when I moved to Stamford, CT but the first songs we wrote ended up on the EP Fully Body Awareness. The title track and "Witch Dance" were the first songs we finished and I think we finished "Psalm Exploder" right before we went into the studio. The first track, "Flesh Rebels" is my favorite and makes a lot of references to the John Adams opera Nixon in China. There were a lot of Peter Grimes references peppered throughout the lyrics too but in general I was using deserts and car crashes for imagery. I was really interested in writing about the struggle of seeing anything in a positive light when things seem so bleak. This was the first record that Brendan was on with Dérive and the first without Noah. This got put out on LP, CD, and cassette by Howling Frequency.