Silent Distortion - Demo (2006)

When I was 13 I decided it was time to start a band. I had been playing drums for three or four years by then and my favorite bands were AFI, Anti-Flag, Modest Mouse and anything that had been put on Epitaph or Fat in the mid 90's. So I just figured I'd force my friends to start a band with me. We spent all of our free time together anyway and I was already kind of forcing them to listen to the music I was into so within a few months during the summer of 2006 I convinced them to get some instruments and we just started covering all of our favorite songs. When school started again in September we noticed that our band teacher had a four track recorder and she agreed to record a demo for us in the morning before school. So we recorded five covers and two originals and played our first show at a school dance. Someone had the good sense to get all this on bandcamp a few years ago so I can listen back every once in a while and cringe and feel nostalgic and really stoked that we made this happen three years before we even had licenses.