Staghorn Sumac (2017)
for orchestra (ca. 9')

Ruby's Sapphire Beach (2016)
for orchestra (ca. 8')

Leave Me In The Sun (2015)
for orchestra (ca. 8')


Eurydice! (2018)
One scene chamber opera (ca. 8')

War Is A Racket (2017)
Chamber opera based on the life and writings of Smedley Butler (ca. 70')

If The Lord Should So Incline My Heart (2014)
for narrator, flute, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, strings, banjo, percussion, and keyboards ( ca. 60'), text by Greg Nahabedian with quotes and source material from John Newton, Rabindranath Tagore, Rumi, and the New Testament


Guillotine in Two Motions (2018)
Bass-baritone solo (ca. 2'), text by Victor Florence

Things At The Apex of Their Arc This Summer Evening (2017)
SATB choir (ca. 5'), text by Victor Florence

Fun Facts (2017)
for countertenor, piano, and cello (ca. 5'), text by Donato Mancini

Transient (2017)
for high voice, piano, vibraphone, and clarinet (ca. 5'), text by Greg Nahabedian and Kevin Madison

I Keep Writing In Place of You (2016-2017)
seven movement song cycle for high voice and piano, text by Xu Lizhi

Emails from Yury (2017)
for bass-baritone and soprano (ca. 7'), text transcribed from emails, text messages, and phone calls

Great Red Spot (2016)
for solo bass-baritone (ca. 3'), text by Victor Florence

New Hampshire (2016)
for bass-baritone and piano (ca. 4'), text by Greg Nahabedian

To S.M., a Young African Painter, On Seeing His Works (2016)
for soprano and piano (ca. 5'), text by Phillis Wheatley

Gitanjali 1, 2 (2016)
for SATB choir (ca. 4'), text by Rabindranath Tagore

Vers pour être calmonié (2016)
for TTBB choir (ca. 5'), text by Paul Verlaine

The Solider (2016)
for TTBB choir (ca. 5'), text by Hans Christian Anderson

A Complaint (2016)
for soprano, vibraphone, Bb clarinet, piano, and F horn (ca. 5'), text by William Wordsworth

Hotdog Eating Contest (2016)
for high voice and piano (ca. 4'), text by Victor Florence

September Behind The School (2016)
for soprano and cello (ca. 4'), text by Victor Florence

I Can See You and I Know What You're Doing (2015)
for soprano and cello (ca. 1'), text by Greg Nahabedian


Sweet Rivers (2017)
for mixed ensemble (ca. 10'), text by John Adam Granade

Ruby's Sapphire Beach (2016)
for chamber orchestra (ca. 8'), text by Greg Nahabedian


Feathers in Your Spokes (2018)
for piano, guitar, vibraphone, and saxophone (ca. 8')

You Were a Song I Couldn't Sing (2018)
for piano and cello, (ca. 8')

Ravens In The Gun Tree (2017)
for trombone and cello, (ca. 10')

Scanned Into the Bright Light (2017)
for bass clarinet, clarinet, and horn (ca. 6')

Smashed Stained Glass Window (2017)
for clarinet, flute, oboe, and viraphone (ca. 7')

Abandoned Factory Next to Overgrown Church (2016)
for string quartet (ca. 6')

Twelve Armenian Proverbs (Revised) (2016)
for marimba and bass trombone (ca. 7'), text from traditional sources

They Told Him He Was Small (2016)
for string quartet (ca. 1')

Ritalin City. Part I: Welcome (2016)
for two trombones and piano (ca. 8'), text by Greg Nahabedian

Ambrosia On Your Alpha Particles (2015)
for two flutes and piano (ca. 1')

Three Things I Can't Remember (2015)
for vibraphone, flute, and bass trombone, text by Greg Nahabedian

Five Events From January 2014 (2014)
for string quartet (ca. 20')

I'm Not Over a Girl I Dated in High School and I Had a Romantic Dream About Her On a Wild West Train (2014)
for piano, viola, and cello (ca. 5'), text by Greg Nahabedian

Scene (2013)
for violin and piano (ca. 5')

Duo (2013)
for viola and piano (ca. 5')

Twelve Armenian Proverbs (2013)
for marimba and trombone (ca. 5'), text from traditional sources

Like a Dying Christmas Tree (2011)
for piano, trombone, and vibraphone (ca. 4')

Torch'd Circular (2011)
for string quartet, bass, and piano (ca. 8')

Loneliness Is Not Necessarily Limited to When You Are Alone (2011)
for piano, vibraphone, F horn, cello, viola, and Bb clarinet (ca. 7')


Heavens Engine (2018)
for piano (ca. 8')

Darlings of the Word (2017)
for piano (ca. 10')

Crescent Junction (2016)
for bassoon (ca. 3')

Mono (2013)
for piano (ca. 3')


Performing the Feed (2018)
for Boy Nirvana's short film (ca. 6')


Hunger Detail (2018)
Three movements for tape (ca. 15')

One More Page from Finnegan's Wake (2016)
Tape (ca. 3'), text by James Joyce

Finnegan's Wake: Book 1, Section 3: HCE - His Trial and Incarceration (2015)
Tape (ca. 90'), text by James Joyce